Cuba Township Road District has created GIS based maps for a wide variety of projects. Below are LINKS to some of the more popular and useful maps created. Feel free to download and use these maps as you see fit. All maps have been converted into PDF format. Adobe Reader is needed to view maps (see link at bottom of page). This software is free and should install quickly.

One of the GIS projects that the Cuba Township Road District has been working on is creating an inventory of all of the street signs within the township and neighboring villages. There are new Federal Highway Administration (FHA)  retro-reflectivity standards that street signs need to meet. The township uses GIS to monitor the quality of the signs and stay in compliance with these requirements. 

Another way that GIS is being utilized at the township is by mapping all of the culverts and drainage systems within the township and neighboring villages. By doing this it allows the township to inspect the current infrastructure and get failing culverts or drainage structures on a maintanence schedule.

If you have and questions regarding maps or GIS data, please contact our GIS Specialist:

T.J. Podgorski @ tjpodgorski@cubaroads.org or by calling the office at 847-381-7793.

Please Note, some maps have long download times due to file size.